A very brief intro to WhiteboardFox

(you really don't need a longer one)

This is an amazingly simple tool. Simply go to https://whiteboardfox.com/ , click on the large orange button “Start drawing” and, well, start drawing.

To work with a colleague, send them the URL of the page you are at, and all of you will be able to draw there at the same time and see changes that each person makes, in real time.

If you want to save a snapshot of your work in a file, go to Options (menu on the left side) -> left-click -> Snapshot. A new tab in your browser will appear, and the URL there will end with ".png". Right-click anywhere in the area of the picture there and select "Save image as".

If you (like me) have not used a stylus with a writing pad before, you may want to watch the first 9-10 minutes of this video:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKPbYh5x93g .